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Stairs of the new concert hall in Andermatt, Switzerland
Inner and outer handrails

  • 13 pcs. round bending handrails ø42 mm in Bendywood®-oak
    Total quantity: about 60 m

The handrails were pre-bent in the workshop as per customer’s drawing and fixed to 13 individual moulds, ready to be mounted. The bending radii were kept about 10% tighter than those indicated, as the bent parts slightly open up again when they are taken from the mould.

  • 12 pcs. bent handrail connection parts ø42 mm in Bendywood®-oak

The connection parts were bent using 3 to 8 mm thick lamellas that were cut out of one and the same block of Bendywood®. As a result of that the bent parts are uniform in colour and grain, identical to parts in solid wood.

Tightest inside radius: 55 mm
Largest inside radius: 425 mm
Angle: varying from 47,6° to 95,3°
One of the connection parts was bent three-dimensionally (with ascending bend).

During the assembly the handrails were joined with the bent handrail connection parts and fixed on round steel pin brackets.

Project: Concert hall, Andermatt, Switzerland
Ordering party: Nüssli Adunic AG, Switzerland
Architects: Studio Seilern Architects, United Kingdom