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Round bending handrails ø40 mm in Bendywood® American walnut
connecting 3 floors in a luxury apartment development in Knightsbridge London, UK

Total quantity:
     - about 65 m Bendywood®-handrails, jointed in length by means of vertical joints
     - lengths up to 6 m
     - + 1 pc. 90°-angle with R = 55 mm consisting of glued layers of Bendywood®

Cost for the Bendywood®-handrails : about 130 euro/meter (vertical jointed handrails)
Standard size, available from stock

The handrails were bent on site – directly onto provisional brackets – and kept in position by means of matching bending moulds.

Bending radii: about 60 cm +

After about 2 weeks, the handrails were taken off, the construction brackets were replaced by bespoke brass brackets and then the final assembly could be carried out.

Metal & Butter Ltd., United Kingdom