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Design parts for a seesaw rocker for children:

2 laminated design parts produced with 5 layers of beech-Bendywood®

Seesaw rocker for children in Bendywood®-beech

Material requirements and working procedure:

10 pcs. beech Bendywood® saw-cut veneer REC-A-3 / 2,0 m long, 300 mm wide and 3 mm thick

Two different jigs cut out with a CNC-router to bend the Bendywood® around.
For each part you bend 5 layers around the jig without any glue and wait for about 24 hours.

Then you take polyurethane glue with a long opening time and glue the 5 layers together, press firmly the external jig’s side against the layers until the glue has hardened.

Finally the whole 5-layers-part can be taken off the jig and finished.

Project: Wewood
Designer: Sara Marzi e Arianna Moretti
Art director: Antonella Andriani