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Bendywood® can be bent up to a radius of 1 : 10, which means a 40 mm thickness up to a radius of 40 cm. The spring-back of 30% after the release from the bending mould enlarges this radius to approx. 52 cm.

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Curves with short radiis are therefore bent in layers: Much thicker lamellas can be used than when gluing layers with normal wood.

This ensures that bent parts are uniform in colour and grain when the lamellas are cut from the same block..

This also results in dimensionally stable bent parts, as the glue stabilises the bent shapes.

Glue-laminating Bendywood® does enable:

  1. short radius curved parts in solid wood
  2. invisible glued joints
  3. bent parts uniform in colour and grain, identical to parts from solid wood, when the lamellas are cut from the same block of Bendywood®.
  4. bends with longitudinal grain, never across the grain

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